Earlier in the year I was approached by Fiona McFall, restaurant manager of Bibendum, to take some shots of their new head chef Peter Robinson, as well as some images of dishes being created, the final results, and interior photographs of the incredible building and stunning restaurant.

Creatively, this was such a dream for me.  Being able to take candid shots of the food being prepared was amazing (and so interesting seeing the dishes being put together with such care and attention) and the light in the restaurant was incredible so it made the finished dishes look so good. 

The images have been featured in the press included The Telegraph, London on a Plate and of course on Bibendum's website.

Below are a selection of my personal favourites which capture the amazing space and the fantastic team working there.  Food photography is definitely an area in which I wish to explore more in 2016 so do get in touch if this is something you're interested in.